Nursing Collaborative

ANHE is a founding partner of Climate for Health, a national initiative that brings together leaders and institutions across the health sector committed to advancing climate solutions to protect the health and well-being of Americans. Climate for Health helps inform the American public about the health risks posed by a changing climate and clarifying the connection between their own health and the health our of environment.

Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health 

As part of the nursing profession response, ANHE, in partnership with Climate for Health, has joined with other national nursing organizations to form a Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health. The Collaborative is a combined effort among nursing organizations to build visible nursing leadership on climate as a health priority. Current members include the:

This nationwide network of nursing organizations will be instrumental to move the profession forward in addressing climate change. The main goals of the Collaborative work are to elevate climate as a visible health priority, create a climate literate nursing community, engage all stakeholders in connecting climate and health, and to build collective support and action for solutions.

What we will do

Elevate climate change as a visible health priority: we will make the connection between climate and human health and prioritize the need to advance acclimate protective strategies to protect health a core part of our mission.

Create a climate literate nursing community: we will act as a resource in promoting the education and ability of nurses to deliver effective evidence-based climate and health communication by providing guides and guidance and incorporating climate in all our gatherings and resources.

Engage all stakeholders: we will connect climate and human health to engage communities, patients, colleagues and other health professionals, policy-makers, and the public.

Building collective support and action for solutions: bring together a nationwide network of nursing associations who will engage their peers, communities, healthcare institutions, the public and policy makers in climate action that protects and promotes health.